Interceptor Series Medium Riser and Tunnelport Heads

(Interceptor MR and Interceptor TP)


Brunson Performance, Bamber Engineering, and Bamber Racing Engines have been developing modern head castings for both the Medium Riser and Tunnelport FE iterations. The Interceptor series was intended to suit what we believed most Ford FE enthusiasts are looking for: Performance and quality while maintaining the nostalgic FE look. With both head designs even more performance could have been achieved by changing port locations or valve angles, but we did not want to sacrifice intake manifold or valve cover selection. Both heads are clean-sheet designs which take advantage of newer technology in cylinder head flow. Some factory dimensions have been manipulated to find better ways to gain flow, however these heads will still bolt on with standard intake manifolds and valvetrain. With this design, stock hoods could still be used for a stealth horsepower upgrade.

Technical Specs

Flow Data (Interceptor MR Head)

  Interceptor MR Interceptor TP
Intake Valve Diameter 2.300″ 2.335″
Exhaust Valve Diameter 1.600″ 1.650″
Intake Peak Flow 381cfm (at .900″) 427cfm (at .800″)
Exhaust Peak Flow (at .800″) 276cfm 291cfm
Combustion Chamber Volume 66.5cc 62.0cc
Intake Port Volume 175cc  
  Intake (cfm @ 28″Hg)
.100″ 70
.200″ 149
.300″ 225
.400″ 284.5
.500″ 316
.600″ 342.5
.700″ 362
.800″ 375
.900″ 381

Many hours have been spent modeling and testing these heads to ensure the final product has the performance production that we expect. Below are pictures/graphs of some of the data that has been collected as well as renderings of the casting design.